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Our expert negotiation service is the cornerstone of what is unique and progressive about our service.


We offer unparalleled experience, insight and ability when assessing the circumstances and environmental demands of our clients. ​ Our extensive negotiation skills give individuals and businesses the opportunity to really understand and consider their options (and associated implications) before resorting to costly legal options. 


We take the effort out of engaging with the ‘other side’ – we act on your behalf, customizing a specific approach to suit the situation on hand. Our methods of engagement frequently result in significant financial and time savings. 

Litigation, arguments, court appearances and prolonged disputes usually lead to higher than expected costs and unsatisfactory experiences which are often imposed upon parties involved. Winning an argument ‘at all costs’ is not necessarily an outcome beneficial to either party. Statistically, a high percentage of litigation is emotionally driven and does not ultimately satisfy the parties pursuing a sense of justice or fair play. 


The services of an expert negotiator allow you to clarify and navigate any situation fully informed - and once decided, assists to ensure your decisions are finalized as efficiently as possible. 

Dispute Resolution & Negotiation Services include:

  • Contractual Negotiations 

  • Financial Negotiations

  • Business Protocol and Mentoring

  • Business Crisis and Dispute Management

  • Mediation & Negotiation​ between parties

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